The Mistress Rulz

I am your Mistress, your Muse. I am an artist of great talent. I am The Max. Max being a tease word for Maximum. Extreme. Total. All. The most! Get the picture, My pet? If not, fear not, little one, for remember I am artist extraordinaire. I will fashion in your frame of mind the perfect picture. It is indeed upon the canvas of your mind that I shall execute My greatest work. It is in the place of dreams that we will begin our journey of erotic adventures. We will travel through the steamy streets of hidden desire, down the dark alleys of imagination, up the winding paths of creativity and around the corner of reality.

When the canvas has been properly prepared The Max will introduce you to Her gallery of colors, shades, and hues. Those created within Her Mind, Body and Spirit. What style will Mistress choose for you? Tell Me will you amuse Me should I paint the cheeks of your face with rosy circles and make you My clown? Perhaps I will apply to your lips 'fuck me' red lipstick and make you My 'slut for a day' The transformation could call forth the sissy maid in you. Remember little one I am also your Muse. Max may choose to bring forth your inner artist. Perhaps a dancer, a private dancer. I have just the outfit for you, would you like to give Mistress a nice lap dance?

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